Education and Training

Intro to Inclusion


A 2.5-3hr interactive workshop with activities to engage participants, tailored to their role and level within your organisation. Groups are generally of mixed experience and role and adapts a practical/interactive approach to EDI. Ideal for groups with no previous EDI awareness or training.

Developing Inclusion


A 2.5-3hr workshop intended to build upon the business case for inclusive practice, touching on commercial benefits, an introduction to unconscious bias, inclusive leadership and objective setting and action planning. Perfect for groups with some prior awareness of EDI in sport. 

Advanced Inclusion


 Working with small teams within your organisation, we can assist in developing campaigns, projects and initiatives to help your organisation embed inclusion. Can be delivered as multiple surgeries  in one day (for different teams) or more detailed half/full day sessions for single teams. 

Unconscious Bias


A 3-4 hour workshop to explore a detailed delve into unconscious bias.  Tailored specifically to a sport audience, this workshop provides colleagues at all levels of your business some practical activities to start to think about any biases they may have that impact upon their role. 

Equality Impact Assessments


We can upskill staff from group briefings, implementing processes or one to one or small team  surgeries. We can help your organisation remove the bureaucracy and make this process as lean as possible. 

Bespoke Workshops


We provide workshops to a range of clients on specific areas of diversity and inclusion, from conferences and seminars to team meetings and away days. We can tailor sessions from 1hr-2 full days looking at aspects of gender, ethnicity, LG &B+ and Trans inclusion, disability, religion or family friendly inclusion.