What Is The Benefit To A Sport Business?

Inclusion In Sport can help you understand the benefit of equality, diversity and inclusion at all levels of your business. 

Education & Training

The first step is educating your workforce; without understanding the space of equality, diversity and inclusion, how can you sell the benefits to your employees, reap the commercial rewards and mitigate the risk associate with EDI?


Through education and some robust policies and procedures, we want to ensure you mitigate risk in your organisation, in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion, in the same way you already approach safeguarding and health and safety.

Golden Triangle of EDI

At Inclusion In Sport we promote the 'Golden Triangle of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion'. To a sport business, that means approaching inclusion from a legal, commercial and business perspective for success on all fronts.

How Does It Work?

From a legal perspective we will help you mitigate risks through policies and procedures and also train your staff around subjects like appropriate language and 'banter'.

From a commercial angle, we can support your organisation to collect data and find out more about your customers. Critically, we can then help you put initiatives in place to address under representation and grow your customer base through a more inclusive approach. 

From a moral perspective, whether as an employer or service provider, we can signpost you to best practice, to ensure your business is able to recruit/retain the best staff and consistently engage with new communities and customers.

More Information

To find out more or to discuss specfic projects, please get in touch via or call 07876182919.