We can tell your teams what to do


Not Your Average Consultants

We will get our hands dirty. We will give you the right advice first time. We can even do the work for you. 

But we would rather give your teams the confidence to do it themselves and help to embed inclusive practice into your organisation. 

And if we can't do the doing, we will tell you exactly who can and will guarantee they do a good job. That might be mental health concierge services, anti radicalization training, advice for parent colleagues or lots of other areas of inclusion.

Sometimes it helps to have an external voice to reinforce your message too. 

Diversity and Inclusion Isn't a Boring Tick Box

 We can provide tailored advice and support to colleagues within your organisation on a short, medium or long term basis. This can be someone on the end of a phone or email, training and upskilling staff or simply outsourcing projects.  

Pay for What You Need

We won't drip feed advice. We invoice. We tell you what you need to do. We leave you alone. 

No follow ups. No half done jobs. No open ended agreements. 

We Consult on Different Areas

Marketing and Comms

Human Resource


Compliance (eg Gender Pay Gap, Modern Slavery Reporting)

Benefits (eg flexible and family friendly working, remuneration)


Focus Groups, Consultation and Network Groups

Digital or Physical Accessibility

And anything else D&I related (this is quite a long list already)


We have a range of individuals with different areas of expertise that can help. For example, if you want to develop a more inclusive Comms strategy, you get someone well versed in Media and Comms. Simple!